About us

Welcome to Solidex

In 2015 Ivan started cryptocurrency trading cooperative with a group of his fellow traders. Our projects took advantage of growing popularity of virtual currencies and Bitcoin price rally. It was time for brave people who were not afraid to risk. It was our time. We became witnesses of world of finance entering into a new era. We quickly recognized that was not a time to talk – that was time to act.

Now we know we made the best choices. Every risk we have taken so far has paid off. It’s time to make another step and get to the highest level. And we believe that the highest level in our business is your own cryptocurrency exchange. There is a lot of competition on the market but there is always a place for brave people like us. We are one small step from opening the best, most innovative, community-based cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

We are changing the world. This is not a time to talk – this is a time to act.
Our Vision

To change people's lives around the globe through offering a pioneering business model that creates an Ecosystem of passive income, blockchain education, e-commerce and many more in just one umbrella.

Our Mission

To offer a pioneering business model to Solidex family all around the globe by collective desire to the educate the world about blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency and provide means for everyone to apply in their lives to experience financial freedom and achieve dreams for their families and their communities.